Our Mission

Children’s Astral Sanctuary of Healing Earth Wisdom performs all of the functions of a Pagan Church: to honor and to worship the Ultimate Universal Force through its aspects, the Goddess and the God, and to promote and practice Pagan religions. All activities of the Church shall be carried out in accordance with the philosophy: An ye harm none, do what you will.  Neither the Church nor its members shall ever condone the use of energy to neither harm another nor dominate another, curtailing free will.


Our Vision

Children’s Astral Sanctuary of Healing Earth Wisdom is organized exclusively for religious, educational, charitable, environmental, and scientific purposes in order to cultivate Peace, Love, Harmony, and Understanding among all People the world over and to spread the concept of religious freedom.

About the Organization

We are a non-profit religious organization or Church that offers learning and worship for Pagan seekers. Among the services we offer are worship services and religious festivals that correspond to the natural cycles of sun, moon, and earth, in accordance with ancient and modern rites and traditions. We also teach religious and esoteric arts and sciences for spiritual advancement to the Church’s congregation and to others who seek out the Church for training. We train and ordain Clergy of the Church and facilitate establishment of related Nature Religion churches throughout the world, and serve as an international resource center.

We promote respect and understanding of Nature and Her many forms. We teach others to walk in harmony with Nature; and to explore the various aspects of Nature through religious experience, educational study, and scientific research, in keeping with a Holistic world view. To aid in study we publish, distribute and maintain a library and archives of religious-spiritual materials, including art work, music, literature, and other items which promote spiritual attunement, awakening, and growth.

We develop and perform music and other arts for Earth Religions, and for all those seeking attunement with Nature, and teach various aspects of those arts to others for creative awakening and spiritual uplifting of themselves and the world around them and channel and direct spiritual energy to help Church members and others, through ritual, meditation, counseling, spiritual and natural healing, fellowship, and other means.

We establish and support Sanctuaries and Temples to further the purposes of the Church and communicate with any and all secular and ecumenical councils and organizations, so long as such councils and organizations shall demonstrate tolerance toward all religions and faiths.